Living in Statesboro & Savannah

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Downtown Statesboro has a lot of things going on down there. Also, every other weekend they have a farmer's market. They have different events for people. Like for my classes sometimes, I'll do like different things such as the GreenFest which is all about sustainability, here is Statesboro or they'll do like a Blue Mile.

It'll be different things going all. And also you still, if you want that city life a little bit, you can always go to Savannah.

We have the really nice downtown area, the historical downtown. There's always something going on. There's always a lot of festivals for that fun part of Savannah. And then you also have the quieter side where you can go into the different parts.

A little bit further away from downtown like Forsyth. Or you can come over here to the south side. And kind of just enjoy the more suburban side as well. So you kind of have a little bit of everything in Savannah.

There's a food truck festival in Daffin Park that happens in the fall time. And, of course, Tybee Island can never get enough of the beach. Beach Bash is like an annual fun time kind of just for students to get to know Savannah in a way.

By taking them to the beach so it's basically like a big beach party for the university.

I felt like really close to the college. We have a lot of college nights. So you have like a skating rink, you have the bowling alley, you have a movie theater that offers like $5 Sundays and Tuesdays.

And it's just really awesome just to be kind of like in a college town but you're also surrounded by like all the buzz that you can get. So the Charges Savannah is this great volunteer program that we do. It's done once in the spring and once in the fall.

And we go out and we try to help out the community so we do like Hoofs 4 Healing. We go and help out Salvation Army, Keep Savannah Beautiful. It keeps a good relationship between the community and the college.