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Freshman year, I stayed in Eagle village, and I definitely think that's a good place for first-years to start out because it's not too traditional. You're not sharing a room with anybody. You have your own individual room, and you share a common space and a bathroom.

I loved my residence hall that I lived in. It was very spacious. It was more like an apartment than a residence hall. I had my own bedroom. I had my own laundry room, whole kitchen, everything.

And in sophomore and junior year, I stayed in University Villas, and with that you get your own individual room. And it's a little bit bigger. And I'm glad I definitely chose to live on campus because there are so many more activities that you can get involved in and so many more people that you get to meet.

They also have volleyball courts. There's grilling areas. There's a computer lab, study room. Some have pool tables that you can just hang out with TVs. And so it's just a really good all-around experience for the residents halls.

Living on my hall, the RAs-- they're all great people. They're really academically focused. So I think you get your money's worth out of it. And, plus, the RAs and the Department of Housing definitely have different events that you can go to, so I just feel like there's a lot of positive connections that can come out of living on campus. And I've definitely made some positive connections. I've made some of the closest friends living on campus.