Community & Expectations

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      The Office of Leadership and Community Engagement provides students opportunities to serve the campus and local communities.

      The Office of Multicultural Affairs supports cultural diversity, inclusion, and equity at Georgia Southern.


To me, the most important value that I see is absolutely family. I wanted to come to Georgia Southern University because it's practically home. I'm from Claxton, Georgia, which is 30 minutes away. So it's always been a second home.

But once I was here, I had a ton of university faculty and staff who continued to remember me. So that absolutely solidified the fact that it is a family here. And I continue to have that experience throughout my undergraduate career with professors, faculty, and staff.

As the Vice President for Student Affairs, I'm responsible for 17 departments that engage students outside the classroom. So we challenge them and we support them to help them realize their potential. We help them with the emotional intelligence, their organizational skills, how to deal with conflict. And they do this by engaging in student groups and organizations, working in our offices, volunteering out in the community, service-learning opportunities with faculty and our staff members. And so they participate in every aspect of student life and of the university.

The most important values Georgia Southern has are the creation and motivation of leaders we have on campus. Because we're so extracurricular and organization-based that it really gives the students opportunity to grow.

One of the things that we value the most at the institution is diversity. Our students are from all over the world, all over the country. And so our students' ability to interact with people who are different than them helps them be successful in the future. So we really do support diversity. We engage our students in as many different opportunities as we can here at Georgia Southern.