Liberty Campus in Hinesville

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      The Liberty Campus is located in Hinesville, Georgia, the home of Fort Stewart.

      The Liberty Campus serves over 500 students in the Hinesville area, and on-campus housing is not available.

      Students on the Liberty Campus can earn an associate’s degree or take classes before transitioning to the Statesboro or Armstrong Campus. Students can also complete a bachelor's degree in Psychology or Elementary Education on the Liberty Campus.


Here at the Liberty campus, we are a small town feel. We have 500 or so students. Our administrators are super accessible. You know, that's what I love about coming here. I can walk in and I know everybody at the front desk.

I like that it's unique, it's very small. It's like, it gives you a family feel. Once you walk through the door, you're greeted by the staff. You also get to enjoy being around the students here in the student commons. The Liberty campus is a great choice for military active duty because it's so close to the base and to your work environment so that you can take classes on lunch breaks and in between your work schedule.

The Liberty campus is great because it's so close to my house. And it helped me transition from high school to the college setting and getting more of a feel for the college life. And since I've got a head start on my nursing classes here, I can transfer to the Statesboro campus or the Armstrong campus and already have some of my classes taken for my degree.

The faculty is really friendly and open. They're very understanding for your schedule. And they're willing to work with you. Especially at a smaller campus, you can actually get that one-on-one time and have time to ask them personal questions where in a bigger college, I don't think you would have that one-on-one question time.

We want to create that intimate environment, kind of like a boutique learning experience. So we all have an open door policy when it comes to our students. Via this open door policy, our students are able to get the additional support mechanisms in order for them to have a great educational experience here at the Liberty campus.