Armstong Campus in Savannah

Learn more about the Armstrong Campus here.

      The Armstrong Campus is home to more than 6,500 students in historic Savannah, Georgia.

      The campus is a 268-acre Arboretum, home to many native and introduced plant collections. Learn more about the Arboretum here.

      The Armstrong Campus is the hub of the Water’s College of Health Professions, which continues to be the largest producer of undergraduate health professionals in Georgia.


So the Armstrong campus has a really small feel. It's not a large campus, but you feel like you're a part of a college community. It's really fun to be on this campus, because you feel like you're at home. You feel like you're a part of something.

One of our unique features of the Armstrong campus is that we are an arboretum campus, so we have plant life from six out of the seven continents of the world. You can see that they are labeled all throughout campus.

The location of the Armstrong campus is perfect for anybody involved in any biology field, because we're near the marshes, Tybee being only, like, 30 minutes away. You just have all those resources at your disposal.

Not only do you have the hospitals, you have all the schools. You have Gulf Stream, you have all these different things. But you get to just be in a beautiful city that never kind of sleeps. It's kind of like New York on a smaller scale.

There are a lot of restaurants here that a lot of students just like to hang downtown and try the different foods that we have here available.

My favorite spot has to be the Student Union, because there's always something going on. It's, like, the hub of student life. So everybody's going in and out, and you always see your friends, get to know new people, see new faces. So it's a really fun spot just to be out of your room and getting to know other people.

When you go outside, there's a little overlook on both sides. So, like, you can kind of just see out into the university, and there's fountains, and you kind of see the sunsets and the sunrises. And it's just beautiful.