How to Enroll

Ready to start the enrollment process? You've come to the right place!

The first thing I always recommend students in the admissions process, start by visiting our website, visit campus, really see if this is a school that you'd want to apply to. Once you're ready for the application process, we have admissions counselors for every geographic region in Georgia, and for all student types. So we have freshmen, we have transfers, all different admissions counselors to be able to help you personally through every step of the journey.

Once you're accepted to Georgia Southern, the first thing you should do is definitely just celebrate take a minute to take it all in. This is an awesome experience and time in your life. And then you'll want to check out your admissions My Status Check page. This page gives you a lot of really great information about orientation, scholarship information, financial aid, and applying for housing. To register for SOAR orientation, there's a tab that says "Orientation" at the top. You can click on that and get registered

The application process for me, I feel like they really helped me and walk me through the application process. As a transfer student, as a non-traditional student, I felt a little bit out of place, but they just made me feel so welcomed and the people, the current students, and the new students with me, they've become some of my mentors through out my career and just friends that I can lean on while I'm in class.