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As a student at Georgia Southern, there was a lot of pathways for myself. I started off initially as a sport management major, switched about halfway through to psychology because of the opportunities that Georgia Southern granted to me. And so it was a great opportunity, as a student, to be able to have those options to tailor my career path towards whatever I really wanted based off passions and things of that nature.

I stay engaged through Georgia Southern by helping our students mostly. I still have connections with some of the student organizations. I am in a sorority. So I'm able to give back through my sorority, the chapter here on the Georgia Southern campus, through the alumni center, going, engaging in the events, and being able to give back to the undergrads in that way through the alumni center.

Our career and professional development office will still provide alumni with opportunities to do resume building, to look for jobs, help them with interview skills. So that continues afterwards with the alumni connections within our current professional development office as well as our Alumni Association.

Network is huge and it helps. You know, I've had people reach out to me to say, hey, we went to school together, have you heard of other job opportunities? And I've been able to help them out or vice versa.

So even if we don't know each other, the Georgia Southern connection binds us and that network goes a long way. And I know so many people that I've gotten their current job because of the Georgia Southern network.