Statesboro Campus

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      The Statesboro Campus is home to more than 20,000 students in Statesboro, Georgia, recently voted one of America’s Best Communities.

      The Statesboro Campus is home to our NCAA Division I Athletics, the Georgia Southern Eagles.

      The Center for Wildlife Education, Georgia Southern Museum, and the Botanic Garden are located on the Statesboro Campus.

The Statesboro campus-- while it's a large campus, you still get a sense of community in it. On top of that, the community outside of the local university is very embedded into Georgia Southern traditions. So they're really supportive. Everyone here is an eagle, and having that kind of community makes me feel like this is a second home to me.

And you can get anywhere in pretty much 15 minutes. You might have to put a little pep in your step, but it's definitely doable. And I just really like how it-- while it feels so big, it also just has that really homey feel.

As a student, you have access to all 17 NCAA sports home games, so that's another opportunity for you and your friends to hang out.

I have never been in a student section like the Georgia Southern student section. It's always packed, and it just shows how much support we have for our football team, and just Georgia Southern as a whole.

Best part of the game is before it even starts, it's Freedom's Flight. It's pretty much the 30 most exciting seconds of your entire life. Our bald eagle, Freedom, will start at the top of the stadium, and she'll fly around. Really electrifying. And she always lands in her handler's hands. But it's just the coolest thing, and I just love that we have something like that here, because it's really unique to our school.

So we're here at Sweetheart Circle, and it's called Sweetheart Circle because previously, the men's and women's dormitories were set across the fields. So when they want to meet their sweethearts, they would meet in the middle of the field.

It's absolutely beautiful. It's also wi-fi accessible on all points, so you can go out there, you know, do some homework, but you can always go hang out. The trees are absolutely beautiful, and it's almost like they were made to have a hammock hung in them. So definitely a spot that I frequent, especially when the weather is really nice.