Career & Professional Development

Learn more about the Office of Career & Professional Development here.

      They provide resources to help students find internships or improve their resumes, and they host career fairs every semester.

      Alumni can receive continued support in career development even beyond graduation.

Here on campus, we have the Office of Career and Professional Development where they can help you build your resume, give you training on how to land interviews, and connect you with alumni. I actually got my own internship with the Georgia Lottery Corporation through an alumni connection. We have multiple career fairs. A lot of them are oriented towards your specific field. For me, as a STEM major, I have my own STEM career fair, which is important to me because that gives me opportunities that are in my field directly.

They also have a career closet, which is really unique. And students who don't have professional dress can actually go and have a professional dress outfit to wear to an interview or career fair for free. All they have to do is write a thank you note to the person that donated the outfit.

Our career counselors and the Office of Career and Professional Development are really, really great resources to use to find an internship or to find a job. A lot of them come from the industry. They know people. They are constantly networking and making those connections. And they will really vouch for you. If they know that you're a good student, they will put your name out there. And I've had many friends get hired just from going to talk to their career specialists and getting their name out there that way.

I think internships and other experiential learning opportunities are very important for gaining hands-on practice in whatever field you're going into after your career. For me, that may not be an internship, but it may be doing research. The Office of Career and Professional Development will really help you gain that experience in whatever field you're in, which is one of the really unique things about it.