Spotlight on International Students

      The Office of International Student Admissions & Programs aims to create a global awareness on campus and within the community by assisting international students at Georgia Southern, facilitating study abroad opportunities, and hosting programs and events to promote international awareness and an appreciation of global cultures.

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Being an international student is always going to be a hard transition moving literally thousands of miles away from home. And what's great about Georgia Southern was that the international advisors, the admissions office, whenever they came to Honduras, they talked to my family. They talked to my parents. And they made my parents feel comfortable, which in turn made me feel comfortable.

They are extremely helpful. When I first start my application, I received many help from them. Because I'm from a different country, so I don't really know what forms to fill out and what the admissions process are. So they were extremely helpful. They made the admissions process painless and really easy.

Personally, I felt really safe when I'm on campus, because we do have emergency boxes around the campus. Simply press the button, and a police will respond as soon as possible. I believe I get great values from Georgia Southern, because I don't just graduate with a degree. I also gain working experience.

I have worked on campus. I worked in the dining commons. Currently, I'm a residence advisor at Eagle Village. I've also met a few friends that I'm really close with, so I believe Georgia Southern is definitely worth the money I pay for it.