Military & Veteran Services

      Georgia Southern University has been recognized by Military Times as a top 15 Best for Vets 4-year School the last five years in a row, ranking #1 in 2019.

      Georgia Southern’s Military Resource Centers - located on all three of our campuses - provide our servicemen and women, veterans, and their family members with a place to network, relax, study, and meet with other military students.

      They can help find on- and off-campus resources to assist with educational, financial aid, medical and behavioral health, or housing needs.

      Our Army ROTC program is one of the largest non-military college programs in the country and is one of the top producers of Army Nurses nationwide. 

Georgia Southern's a great opportunity for the military students and veterans. It's because it's embedded within a community. It's located less than one mile away from Fort Stewart, which is one of the largest military bases on the East Coast. And the quick access here to the campus makes it very accommodating for the students, as well as the soldiers that come here to go to school.

Here, it's more of a military town. So to me, it's like anything's easy access for us, like from discounts to just being recognized and just to be able to go somewhere that we could talk to one another. Because sometimes at the end of the day, you know, some veterans kind of have adjusted. I'm trying to adjust coming out, and speak to veterans that have been out here. It's easier for them.

Georgia Southerns Liberty Campus is very close to base, and it's very convenient for soldiers. I see a lot of people coming here for night classes and day classes, wherever your schedule can fit in the class.

The faculty and staff here are awesome. A lot of the faculty and staff here are either veterans or their spouses are veterans, so they understand from a veteran's aspect the importance of getting an education once transitioning out of the military.