Research & Honors

We are excited to announce that Georgia Southern now encompasses 10 academic colleges with the transition of the University Honors Program to the Honors College.

The move provide a growing community of honors students with enhanced experiential learning opportunities including undergraduate research, creative scholarship and the honors thesis, focusing on professional development, interdisciplinary education and global experiences. 

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My researching experience has been really wonderful. I've been able to design my experiment from start to finish, conduct my experiment independently, and now I'm working on collecting the data all by myself. I'm hoping to get published in an actual peer-reviewed journal soon, so I'm really excited about that.

If you're interested in research, and you go to a professor, typically they are always very willing to have a research project with you and work with you on that.

I'd say there's research opportunities in every department. Specifically in science departments, I know professors are always looking for students to work in their lab. Professors here really want to pour in to students and have them learn about research.

Coming to a big university could have been a culture shock, but the University Honors program helps that transition because whenever you're in the Honors program, usually your classes are at least a little bit smaller, and if they're not smaller, you have a really great opportunity to have better one-on-one time with your professors.

The Honors program is really a great community. Some of my best friends have come from the Honors program. My freshman year, we all lived in a dorm together, and so we've had such a great experience going through the years together all as one class. A lot of times, you take all your classes together, you live together, so you get to gain a lot of friends through the Honors program. There's also a lot of support. There's funding for research. They really challenge you to go above and beyond in the classroom and reach your goals.