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      What are the most popular majors at Georgia Southern?

    • Exercise Science
    • Biology
    • Mechanical Engineering
    • Psychology
    • Elementary Education

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There's a variety of majors offered at Georgia Southern. There's a range from Engineering to Media and Communications. You also have all the Business majors. Me personally, I am in Accounting and Finance.

Some of our most popular majors are Psychology, definitely Biology, and of course, the Nursing program. A lot of people come to Georgia Southern to join the Nursing program. But we also have a lot of liberal arts degrees, like International Studies, which I am. Also language degrees, Spanish and French.

I am a Math and Mechanical Engineering major, so that means that I'm actually in two different colleges on campus. So the math falls under CoSM, the College of Science and Mathematics. And in CoSM you have Math, Physics, Biology, Chemistry. And then in the Engineering department, which is the College of Engineering and Computing, you have Mechanical Engineering, Electrical, Civil, and Manufacturing, as well. And then in addition to all of your engineering programs, you also have Computer Science and Information Technology.

And whenever our engineering students apply to our program, they're going to get some hands on experience. Whether that is joining Eagle Motor Sports and working very hands on with building and designing the Baja and the Formula vehicles that they have, to joining other clubs working with research, or getting an internship and a co-op.

So Georgia Southern offers not only undergraduate programs, but graduate and doctoral programs, as well, which is great if you plan on continuing your education in the future.