Academic Programs

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On the Armstrong Campus, we have three colleges, and within those colleges, we have different majors. So we have Spanish, Rehab Science, Radiography.

Here at Georgia Southern, we have majors ranging from sciences, such as Computer Science and Chemistry and Biology, up into the Engineering or the Criminal Justice majors and Psychology majors.

My major is Rehabilitation Sciences. It's within the College of Health Professions. It's one of the most popular majors that we have on this campus because of our graduate program of Physical Therapy. So this undergrad major is a really good stepping stone for this program because you're going to have some of the same professors that teach these undergrad classes, so you have that connection with them already.

Being in Savannah specifically, the hospitals are very close. So we have a really good connection with those hospitals that we can be able to have the shadowing opportunities and internships that are available. Originally, I wanted to do a full-fledged med school doctor. Then, I started taking some of the classes and actually looking at the different opportunities, and I ended up wanting to do Pre-PA because all that stuff is offered here.

We have different resources available for students if they're unsure of a major, or if they don't know what they want to go into, one of them being the Office of Career and Professional Development.

They will set you up for success. They are very involved. If you need referencing on if you want to do work study, if you wanted to do things like that, you can always just ask them. They're available. They're very family-oriented. They will be there with you this entire time until you graduate.