The Recreation Activity Center (RAC) is located on the Statesboro Campus. Explore the RAC here.

      The Student Recreation Center (SRC) is located on the Armstrong Campus in Savannah.

      You can participate in intramural or club sports on the Armstrong or Statesboro Campuses.

      Intramural Sports: Armstrong and Statesboro

      Club Sports: Armstrong and Statesboro

      Southern Adventures offers guided outdoor adventure trips, equipment rentals, a climbing wall at the Recreation Activity Center, and a challenge course on the Statesboro Campus.


The RAC has a lot to offer. It literally has everything you could ever imagine. Here we have athletics, where not only the swim team trains, but a lot of teams come here to cross-train.

You have yoga, pilates, really anything that you might want to get involved in fitness-wise. We have meditation classes, classes that help you destress in the RAC. And just anything that you might be interested in or anything that you think you might want to do, the RAC has it.

I know plenty of people that are involved in intramurals, and they absolutely love it. Not only is it social, it's also a physical outlet, because you're in the classroom all the time. You come here to get your degree, so it's nice to just have that. It's really what you make it. If you want to just go and have a great time, you can go, but then there's also really big championships that a ton of people love to go to. And that's the more competitive people that really, really want to make it good.

Southern Adventures offers a wide range of activities, from Spring Break trips in different locations to rentals for different materials that you might need, as far as fitness is concerned.

For me specifically, as a tourism major, Southern Adventures has been such an awesome resource. A ton of my friends in my major go on all the trips, and they lead the trips, and they go to some really cool places for really, really cheap. It's been awesome just to be able to go and learn these things that we're learning in the classroom, and take them and apply them in real life, and get to experience them with other people in your major.